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John Nixon v Lucien C Haag, Association of Firearm & Tool Mark Examiners (AFTE), & David J Brundage,

US 7th Circuit Court of Appeals

The Truth is Out There Right Here

Excerpt from a letter dated January 16 2004, from AFTE First Vice President and Chairman of the Board of Admissions, to John Nixon:


"Each member of the Board of Admissions will review your application................"

"Once the Board of Admissions is forwarded your application, the review process should take each board member no more than a month. Once they have made their decision, they will notify me. I tabulate the results, and provide them to the Membership Secretary. If you are deemed to meet the qualifications of provisional membership, the protocol requires that AFTE's general membership be notified of your pending application by publishing your name in the AFTE Joumal / Newsletter."

(bold emphasis added)

John Nixon's name was published in TWO AFTE Journals. This letter demonstrates that John Nixon's application had been considered by each member of the Board of Admissions, and that he was deemed to have met the qualifications of provisional membership.

A PDF copy of the letter can be downloaded by clicking on the PDF icon below. The pertinent AFTE Journal pages can be found here:

Click above icon to download letter from AFTE to John Nixon dated January 16 2004



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John Nixon, firearms expert, Bippus, Indiana